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The Brand I choose: Nike
If you’ve had a really bad day (one of those “I wish I had stayed in bed days”), is there a product that always makes you feel better? How about at the holidays; does your family have favorite foods that you associate with all the good things the holidays mean to you? The firms that make those products certainly hope so, because it means they have been successful in creating a brand image that you associate with positive feelings or values. We don’t even have to eat that favorite food; just the logo or jingle can cause us to make those associations. But for every person that shares your love for Coke there’s one that won’t settle for anything other than Pepsi.

In this week’s discussion we’re going to continue our study of branding by comparing two competing brands.  In this discussion we hope to accomplish two things. First, demonstrate that you have grasped, and can apply, the basic concepts of branding. If you did not take your time with the Elder Care scenario this week you will find this very difficult. Second, apply those concepts to analyzing not just the brand image of a given product, but how that brand compares and contrasts with a direct competitor.

To begin, select a brand that you like. Describe the brand image of the product or firm and provide very specific examples of how they firm’s supports that image. Then, select a competing brand and compare and contrast the brand image of the second product to the first. Be very specific and provide detailed examples. You are encouraged to use your own experiences with the product in your discussion. Examples of ads or other promotional activities will be very helpful in evaluating how the firm supports the brand.

As always, your initial post is due Thursday evening and should be no less than 350 words. Spelling, grammar and college level writing is required.

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