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Nebosh IGC

Nebosh IGC.
It may be seen as an unproductive cost which conflicts with the requirement to keep costs low. An undesired event resulting in personal injury, damage or loss. A situation with the potential to cause harm or damage. (iii) The likelihood that harm from a particular hazard may be realized. (3) Unsafe conditions and unsafe acts. The number of people likely to be affected by the harm from a hazard, and the severity of the harm that may be suffered.
Revision Question 2 Workers should: a) take reasonable care for their own safety and that of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work; (b) comply with instructions given for their own safety and health and those of others and with safety and health procedures; use safety devices and protective equipment correctly and do not render them inoperative; (d) report forthwith to their immediate supervisor any situation which they have reason to believe could present a hazard and which they cannot themselves correct; (e) report any accident or injury to health which arises in the course of or in connection with work.
Criminal – fines; Civil – compensation. External data sources include: National legislation (e. G. Regulations); Safety data sheets from manufacturers and suppliers; Government Enforcing Authority publications such as Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes; Manufacturers’/ suppliers’ maintenance manuals; National/alienation standards; Information from local safety groups; Information from trade associations; Information from Journals and magazines. Internal data sources include: Information from accident records; Information from medical records and the medical department (if you have one);

Information from company doctors; Risk assessments; Maintenance reports; Information from Joint inspections with safety reps; Information from audits, surveys, sampling and tours; Information from safety committee minutes. NOBLES International General Certificate 1-27 Revision Question 3 There should be a framework of roles and responsibilities for health and safety allocated to individuals throughout the organization, including the appointment of specialist staff and ensuring that general management roles and arrangements address health and safety issues.
To ensure that the organizational arrangements, health and safety standards and operational systems and measures are working effectively and, where they are not, to provide the information upon which they may be revised. 1-28 NOBLES International General Certificate Setting Policy for Health and Safety I Element 2 Element 2 Why might the health and safety policy of two organizations, both undertaking similar work, be different? What are the three key elements of a health and safety policy? By whom should the policy be signed?
What does a safety organization chart show? What responsibilities do all workers have relating to health and safety? 2-12 NOBLES International General Certificate Element 2 | Setting Policy for Health and Safety What forms the base for the plans for the systems, procedures and other measures required to put the health and safety policy into effect? State the three main forms of communicating health and safety information to staff. What are active monitoring systems? In what specific circumstances should a policy review be held?
NOBLES International General Certificate 2-19 Because the policy is a reflection of the particular circumstances of each organization. Thus, any variations in size, nature and organization of operations, etc. , will mean that the health and safety policy will also vary. The general statement of intent, organization and arrangements. A senior Director or the Chief Executive Officer, indicating the organization’s commitment at the highest level. The hierarchy of roles and responsibilities for health and safety, and the lines of accountability between them.
To act responsibly and safely at all times, and to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves and to fellow workers. Risk assessments. The three main methods of communicating health and safety information are the use of written procedures, provision of instructions and provision of appropriate training. Active monitoring systems are those which seek to identify deficiencies in current arrangements before any resulting accident. They include testing, inspections and consultation procedures, as well as management controls to ensure compliance.
The circumstances which should give rise to reviews, either of general policy or specific aspects of it, are: Changes in the structure of the organization, and/or changes in key personnel. A change in buildings, workplace or worksheet. When work arrangements change, or new processes are introduced. When indicated by a safety audit or a risk assessment. Following government enforcement action or as the result of the findings from accident investigations. Following a change in legislation.
If consultation with workers or their representatives highlights deficiencies. If requested by a third party. NOBLES International General Certificate 2-21 Element 3 | Organizing for Health and Safety Element 3 Outline typical duties of employers to workers. Outline common duties of workers. What are the responsibilities of employers to people who are not their workers? Where business premises are rented, is the employer responsible for health and feet matters relating to points of entry to and exit from the workplace?
NOBLES International General Certificate 3_11 Outline the areas of responsibility placed on people in the supply chain for the articles and substances which they supply to workplaces. Outline the responsibilities of the client and the contractor where a contractor is working in the client’s own workplace. 3_17 Organizing for Health and Safety I Element 3 How may employers consult workers? What are safety circles? 3-20 NOBLES International General Certificate The general duties of employers are:
Provision of adequate instruction, training, supervision and information necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of workers. Provision/maintenance of safe plant/equipment and a safe system of working. Provision and maintenance of a safe workplace (including a safe way of getting to and from that place of work). The two general duties of workers are: To take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work. To co-operate with the employer so far as is necessary to enable the employer to fulfill his legal obligations.
Employers must make adequate provision to protect third parties from harm as a result of their work activities by: Conducting their undertakings in such a way as to ensure that people not in their employment who may be affected by their activities are not exposed to risks to their health and safety. Giving people who are not their workers sufficient information regarding the undertaking as might affect their health and safety; for example, details of potential hazards. It would depend on the terms of the tenancy agreement. Responsibility lies with the person who may be said to control the particular aspect of the premises.

Nebosh IGC

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