NATO enlargement and NATO partnerships

NATO enlargement and NATO partnerships. Introduction

NATO’s has been welcoming any Europe country as long as it shows commitment and obligation as a member. Since 1949 NATO’s membership has grown from twelve to twenty nine countries and their main goal is to enhance security in the Euro-Atlantic area.

Thesis: NATO has been seeking to enlarge partnership by sending out invitations with the aim of enhancing security among European countries.

History of NATO

 NATO was formed in 1949 Canada, United States, and several Western Europe countries with the aim of enhancing security against Soviet Union

Other reasons why NATO was formed and its goals include

To promote freedom and cooperation among members

Enhance individual liberty

Provide a platform to resolve disputes

Formulate a collective defense from the member’s enemy

Process of Accession

Countries that wish to join NATO have to be invited to have a dialogue with the alliance

To become a full member the nation is expected to respect NATO values

Enlargement over the years

Current Situation

Current goals and objectives

Current members of NATO

NATO enlargement and NATO partnerships

Reconciling NATO’s 360 ambition (East vs. South vs. North vs. West Perspectives)

  1. Introduction
  2. NATO has been facing many challenges and has come up with a 360 degree approach to deter threats such as environmental insecurity and violation of arms control by Russia.
  3. The 360 degree approach will solve the threats faced from the east, west, south and north
  4. Thesis: NATO has been facing challenges from the east, west, south and north hence reconciling the 360 degree ambition will deter the problems by enhancing worldwide unity.
  5. Nature of the threats
  6. Despite the alliance strengthening the eastern flank, threats have been cropping up from the south as mirrored by Russia violation of arms control mechanism.
  7. The issue in the North Atlantic alliance lies on the national spending especially in the level of defense.
  8. The west has been facing challenges due to its relation with Russia.
  9. The threat from the East has been facilitated by unstable situation in Ukraine and continuing military activity from Russia.
  10. Nature of the 360 Degree Approach
  11. It was formed by Anders Fogh, secretary general of NATO
  12. The approach aims at forming a worldwide alliance that will facilitate military intervention

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