NAEYC Early Learning Program Standards and Assessment Items Accreditation Criteria Assignment

NAEYC Early Learning Program Standards
and Assessment Items

Accreditation Criteria Assignment
1. Type in NAEYC Early Learning Program and Assessment Items
Navy blue middle box labeled 2018 Early Learning Program standards and assessments
It is 128 pages total of the 10 standard areas and over 200 criteria.

Do not push print all
Choose which section you would like to complete from the choices listed below:
Section One- Building Positive Relationships
Section Two- Curriculum
Section Three- Teaching

After you choose which of those three sections that you would like to complete just print those pages and page one which describes how to read the form (age group etc)
Under each criteria (a., b. etc) I would like you to rate the program that you are working in as
Yes- your school meets that criteria
No- your school does not meet that criteria
N/A- the age group that you are working with is not listed for that criteria 
After completing the section’s criteria listing please write a minimum of one page paper reflecting on your/the classroom’s strengths and weaknesses under these standards. Include ways in which the program/classroom can improve under certain criteria to meet the accreditation standards. What did you learn from this assignment?

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