Mystery of Love

Mystery of Love.
When somebody talks about love, commonly, all human beings can relate and respond. We all know that love purely exist, so as Its mystery is still present. We know what love is, but we in our self cannot define It. Many have tried to give the meaning of love, but no one can provide the true definition of the word that Is always present everywhere yet remains as an undefined word to anyone. They say that love Is essential to people, we can acquire and give love to others.
Being In love Is a magical leaning that everybody would want to have. Love Is so priceless, that even the riches person In the world cannot buy. Money can’t buy love, but loves worth Is greater than money. For me, when you love someone, you must show to that person how much you care, trust and understand him. Love Is between Individuals, not only for one self. It Is not selfish, you must be willing to share love to others. Love Is not about the physical appearance, this is the reason why we can’t see love, we can only feel it.
We don’t love just because of beauty, there is a more enough reason why we love someone. We can’t explain how enchanted it is to be caught by love, we only know that the feeling is extraordinary. We must never find a reason in loving someone, for its clear that love haven’t got a constant meaning so as it doesn’t have a distinct reason. I believe that in love, there are no wrong decisions, there only exist wrong persons. We must never regret if someone leave or hurt us, it is just an eye opener hat the person we loved is not the right one for us.

There is always a right person that is suited for us, we must learn to wait and not to rush things. We can define love on our own interpretation, that is why is so magical. The mystery of love is not yet unfolded, it continuously retains intriguing. Four lettered words with lots of different meaning and interpretation that varies on each individual. Love is everywhere around us, we must learn to wait until love found and catch us like there is no more escaping.

Mystery of Love

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