My OD Intervention Project—Task 5 (5 pages)

An important part of the OD process is assessing the effectiveness of interventions and learning from the OD process to create a continual learning cycle.
Using the organization you selected (Galaxy Healthcare organization) for your course project, prepare a report for the executive leadership team of that organization by addressing the following items:
Summarize key details of the OD project so far in your work (this section should be no more than 1–2 paragraphs in your paper):

What is the organization?
What are the problems?
What are the proposed solutions?

Justify an evaluation plan to determine the effectiveness of your interventions:

Who do you need to ask?
How will you ask?
What will you ask?
What do you need to measure?
How will you collect the necessary information and analyze it?

Defend a continual learning approach for the organization that creates an organization development value cycle whereby the outcome of the interventions becomes the input for a new cycle:

What are the potential benefits to the organization of a learning cycle approach to OD?
What are the potential challenges the organization might face by using a learning cycle approach?

Justify a change leadership plan for the organization that will help them embed the new practices or enhancements into the organization:

What change leadership model should they consider?
How should they address resistance to change?

Summarize the top three best practices the organization should adopt that emerge from the entire OD course project.
Assess your own learning from the project:

What are your key takeaways?
In what areas do you need further development?

Submission Details:
*attached is previous assignments*

Present a 5- page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.

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