My Losing Season

Conroy was born on October 26, 1945, in Atlanta, Georgia, to a young career military officer from Chicago and a Southern beauty from Alabama, whom Pat often credits for his love of language. He was the first of seven children.”
“Since the family had to move many times to different military bases around the South, Pat changed schools frequently, finally attending the Citadel Military Academy in Charleston, South Carolina, upon his father’s insistence. While still a student, he wrote and then published his first book, THE BOO, a tribute to a beloved teacher.” (Book Reporter)
Now that I have given you a brief rundown of Conroy’s life, lets take a look at his newest book entitled, “A Losing Season’, the book centers around Conroy’s “a painfully detailed memoir of his senior year on the 1966-67 Citadel Bulldogs basketball squad that soldiered through an ignominious 8-17 season.

Call it a requiem for all the runners-up who, like Conroy, turned defeat on the playing field into victory in other aspects of their lives. Author PhotoAs a fast, street-hardened 5-foot-10 point guard, Conroy was a fiery competitor who always believed he could play above his physical limitations and frequently did.
Like his teammates, Conroy didn’t lose well. Unlike the others, however, he found a way to learn something from each defeat that would make him a better ballplayer. His steely resolve in the face of such a spirit-crushing season ultimately gave him the self-confidence to become one of America’s best-loved writers. If losing builds character, Pat Conroy is your poster boy for also-rans.” (BookPage)
To conclude, Conroy’s book is an inspiration to others who think that losing is basically the end of the world, when in reality it can lead to  more positive things in thier lives later on down the road.

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