My Ideal

My Ideal School

My Ideal School.
My ideal school Education is something that makes our future better. The ideal school should be able to teach a person to make a good living and how to take care of our own responsibilities in life. My ideal should be situated at accessible area where students will have short travel time, but it is important that it’s not in the middle of the town where there are heavy traffics. It should be also far away from factories; so that it can create the learning atmosphere and students can concentrate on their lessons.
The building also should be big enough to arrange the classes in an organized way and it must include all facilities that a good school need to give the students for better education. There should be also playground and recreation facilities where the students can refresh their mind during the breaks. The teachers should be able to prepare the lessons as interesting as possible and must be concerned about the students. It is necessary that they are capable enough to motivate the students to study in an effective way. They should help the students solve not only for learning problems but also for all the social problems.
Teacher should always be ready for the students when they need help not only as a teacher but also as a parent or a friend. In my ideal school, students should not be afraid to make mistakes or ask questions. I believe that the best way to learn is by asking questions. If they don’t agree or understand, they shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions. Nobody is perfect and it is nature that everyone makes mistake. Everyone should point out other people mistakes in a good way, so that people can learn through their mistake and can be a better people.

The exam marks shouldn’t be the only way to determine the student ability. There should be more practical activities to make sure the students understand and get the lesson. There should be a big knowledge garden where we can borrow books to increase our knowledge. It’s important that natural light is presented in the library too. The ideal school should be the place where all the students are happy to learn for their life. It must make sure it created the atmosphere of cooperation to get the best future.

My Ideal School

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