My Favorite pace

My Favorite Place My favorite place is very general. It is very peaceful, and is full of nature. So the beach is my Favorite place that I always like to spend my time there, especially one vacation during summer. I still Remember the time I went to the Sihanouk Ville beach for a week, and people another countries, people In Cambodia enjoy going there So Much. As it a common on place to visit, it is a good place for people who ant to spend time on vacation for relaxing with fresh air and enjoy eating fresh seafood.
These are also the reason why I like to go there. In additional, there are many more reason that I really like about going to the beach. For the first thing, I love the summery at the beach it is as beautiful as the painting of an arties. I can see a huge, endless sea, and the horizon between it. And the beautiful, bright, blue sky. It could not stop me from taking pictures of this beautiful view. A1 so, I like to have my picture taken when i go to there as well.
Beside this, there are fresh air at the beach. Which I like from the beach. I can smell the salt air and fell it through have moving my clothes and hair back and forth. It is a helpful fresh air which is excellent for our health, as the doctor has comment def. I like sitting on the beach looking to the sea and taking long breath to get the fresh air in and out. Sometime smell of seafood grill passes through my noes while some mellers work around selling them.

This smell makes stop to buy all those grill seafood. I am really want to eating seafood there because they are fresh and so yum. Looking forward to the sea, I can hear the other hand. It is a quiet place at night. Through the darkness, I can see the brightness of the moon and stars in the sky and hear the sound of the sea waves. I love to lie down in the night at the beach looking at them because they give me calm and peaceful.

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