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My Education.
Education should be skill based rather than knowledge based Good morning, today l, Sparks Gar, am going to speak for the topic ‘Education should be skill based rather than knowledge based’. As school ends and commencement addresses are given, two pieces of data caught my eye recently. Only 56 percent of law school graduates are getting Jobs proportionate with their education. And there are 3 million Jobs currently unfilled in the U. S.
So what explains the disconnection between a large number of highly educated workers unable to find bobs and the millions of openings out there right now? The answer is skills. Or more precisely, having the specialized skills that fit with the Jobs, employers need to fill. The challenge is to get the people who need work to acquire the skills that employers are seeking. It is true that our young generation needs to be skilled in order to get employment. It is very much important to get skills and only then we can think of our bright future.
In a class all the students may not be excellent in their studies but here are other projects in which the weaker students can come up. In our society it is not only knowledge that matters but if you have the skill to do something you can guarantee work. Nowadays we usually face problems that a person is knowledgeable but not skilled enough to do a particular Job. The majority of Jobs are in the skilled trades, yet it wouldn’t be hard to build programs around the needs of information technology companies, tech start-ups and manufacturing firms.

We’ve all heard Tories of successful people who found their true passion and talent from the help of a teacher who had taken notice when nobody else had. We need to create a system and culture of education in which such self-discovery doesn’t Just happen serendipitously but rather is the core focus of education. This can only come from an early exposure to a rich and diverse set of study, including art, music, science, math, design, writing and more.
In 2010, Barack Obama made this a major focus, and from hat came skills for America’s Future, which brought employers and community colleges together to design curriculum around skills for specific types of Jobs. Of course people’s decision changes with time and some of us make a conscious decision to ignore our natural born attributes to pursue a different path in life. That is what makes us human. But with this approach, students will get a around exposure to ideas and critical thinking to marketable skills and training that we can rely on. My Essays By supercharges

My Education

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