My Mentor

My Dad: My Mentor and Guide

My Dad: My Mentor and Guide.
Commemorative Speech Good morning every one I want to start by asking you this What is your definition of a great man? Is it a man that goes above and beyond to provide for his family and loved ones? Or is it a man that teaches u invaluable lessons in life every chance that he gets, Or is it a man that faces difficulties and always manage to light a smile on your face and prove to you that there’s in fact a silver lining in behind dark clouds? I think all these traits make up a great man and I have the honor to call one of them my father, Venancio Ang.
He was born in the Southern Part of the Philippines, Davao City. His mom was that of a Spanish Descendant and His dad was Chinese, which makes him a Chinoy. “Which means Chinese Filipino” My dad has taught me great lessons in life, and I am here because I want to share with you about all the lessons in life he has taught me and the most valuable which I kept with me and the type of inspiration he gave my family. I want to start of with the lessons in life, like I said there were many of them but the one that really stuck to me was hard work, and family.
Hard work, without hard work you don’t reach your goals, and that/s something my dad would always tell me. My dad was all about using this and using these. And he would do it on a constant basis, all day every day 24/7. And he taught my brother and I what it is to really work hard for what you want in life and how good you feel after you see the fruits of your labor. And finally, Family. I’m grateful to be brought up in such a kind and loving family. Growing up my dad used to always tell me that a family is where home is.

Which is very true, because when I go through life’s challenges the first thing I think of is them. He has taught me how important foundation is in order to keep me grounded. My dad always used to say, “Twirly, remember at the end of the day it all comes down to family. ” This world isn’t easy. And our lives are defined by how we respond in adversity. The greatest among us overcome trials and seek to learn from them. Without family I wouldn’t be the person I am today.
My dad, a God fearing man who has taught me so many more lessons in life that I wish I could share with you if there was given time. He is my backbone and friend. He has taught me the value of working hard and pursuing lasting significance over worldly success. I highly respect my father for who he is and what he stands for in life. He truly is a God given gift to my family and everybody else who’s lives he’s touched. I am grateful to be brought up by a father like him and he has truly set the kind of example a father should have.

My Dad: My Mentor and Guide

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