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OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY ILE-IFE CURRICULUM VITAE FOR ACADEMIC STAFF A PERSONAL DATA: 1. Name:APELOKO David Olubunmi (Surname) (Other names) 2. Date and Place of Birth: 19th September, 1979; Ilawe Ekiti 3. Nationality:Nigerian 4. State of Origin:Ekiti State 5. Senatorial District: Ekiti South 6. Local Government Area:Ekiti South West Local Government 7. Permanent Home Address:Line 1, Modomo Layout, The Dawn B/S, Ile – Ife. 8. Marital Status:Married 9. No. of Children and their Ages:One: 3 years. 10.
Name and Address of Spouse: Mrs Olubunmi-Apeloko Kehinde Line 1, Modomo Area, the Dawn B/S, Ile – Ife 11. Date of Assumption Duty: March 1st, 2012 12. Status on First Appointment:Graduate Assistant 13. Present Position: Graduate Assistant 14. Date of Present Appointment: February 28th, 2012 15. Present Salary: CONUAS 01, step 2 16. Date of Confirmation Appointment: Not Applicable 17. If Not Confirmed, Why? :Duration Not Yet Attained 18. Faculty:Administration 19. Department/UnitPublic Administration B. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: 1. Higher Educational Institution Attended with Dates: ) Obafemi Awolowo University (2010-2013) b) Obafemi Awolowo University (2003-2007) 2. Academic and Professional Qualifications: a) M. Sc Political Science, Obafemi Awolowo University (2013) b) B. Sc Political Science Obafemi Awolowo University (2007) 3. Other Distinctions and Awards (with Dates): Nil 4. Specialization: Comparative studies, Political communication, Conflict Management, Public policy, HRM and Governance 5. Fields of Interest: Conflict Study and Resolution, Comparative studies, New Media Communication, Public policy Analysis, HRM and Governance C.
WORK EXPERIENCE 1. Previous Work Experience outside the University System Associate Lecturer, Osun State College of Education, Ila (Ife Study Center) 2. Work Experience in the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Graduate Assistant since February, 2012 till date 3. Courses Taught within the last Academic Session: PAD 301 – Organisation and Administrative Theory (Assisting-Lecturer-in-charge) PAD 306- Traditional Administrative System in Nigeria (Assisting-Lecturer-in-charge) PAD 401 – Local Government Administration in Nigeria (Assisting-Lecturer-in-charge)

D. MEMBERSHIP OF PROFESSIONAL BODIES Member, National Association of Political Science (NAPS) Graduate member, Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM) E. PUBLICATIONS: 1. Thesis/Dissertation: i) The Impact of Domestic Policies on Nigerian Foreign Policy under President Olusegun Obasanjo (1999-2007) (B. Sc Dissertation, Obafemi Awolowo University. Ile – Ife) ii) An Assessment of the Role of the Mass Media in President Obasanjo’s Third Term Agenda. , (M. Sc Thesis submitted to the Department of Political Science, OAU, Ile- Ife. ) 2. Review of Book Nil 3a. Published Articles 1.
Ayeni O. O. and Apeloko D. O. (2013): Political Party Finance: An Examination of the Three Dominant Political Parties in 2007 Governorship Election in Ekiti State. JABU International Journal of Social and Management Sciences. Vol. 4. No 1. pp 128-143 ?2. Olaiya T. A.. Apeloko D. O and Ayeni O. O. (2013). Factors in Mass Media, Third- Term Agenda and Governance in Nigeria. American Journal of New Mass Media and Mass Communication. Vol. 10. pp 48-62. b. Published Conference Proceedings Nil 4. Manuscripts Accepted for Publication (a) Apeloko D. O. and Ayeni O. O. (2013). “Tyrant Democrats”, the Third Term Agenda and the Nature of Mass Media’ Role. Quarterly Journal of Administration. b) Apeloko D. O. and Ayeni O. O. (2012). National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in Post- Crisis Management Project in Jos, Nigeria. Nigeria Journal of Social and Development Issues, University of Calabar, Calabar. 5. Manuscripts Submitted for Publication: a) Reporting Human Right Accurately: Panacea for Economic Development in Nigeria b) Apeloko D. Olubunmi and Ayeni O. O. (2012). New Paradigm of Political Violence in Nigeria: Mapping the Territory of Theories. . Creative Work: Nil 7. Technical Reports: Nil 8. Papers and Works in Preparation Human Resource Management in Post-Bank Merger/Acquisition in Nigeria: A thoughtful examination of Access Bank Plc. _________________________________________________________ ? Foreign publication F. PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT: Research works on different subjects within the spectrum of politics and administration. G. CONFERENCE ATTENDED 50th anniversary international conference organized by the department of History, OAU, Ile – Ife, 28th-31st October, 2012 on Security Challenge in Nigeria.
H CURRENT RESEARCH ACTIVITIES An Assessment of National ICT Policy in Nigeria and the Implication for the Promotion of Good Governance. I. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Thinking and discussing J. ANY OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION Duties within the department 1. Secretary, Departmental meeting 2. Assisting Part three Adviser …………………………… ……………………… Signature Date

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