In living life in general, music plays a very important part in our lives. Through time and history, music has not only shown the culture of man in general, but also it has shown an essential reflection of what passions has driven man through time. Music is the window of expression to what each person feels in their lives in general. As we all know, it is through music that we share our common passions and in the lyrics that we verbalize which words appeal to us.
This is pretty much what the plot of the movie Music and Lyrics by Marc Lawrence revolved mostly about. How music and lyrics composition is the reflection of passions and aspirations in the life of Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) and Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore). In the flow of the story, Alex Fletcher, a former band member of a hit 80’s band is trying to relive his glory days by singing with a famous singer; Cora Carmen to advance his own career. Cora agrees to do this if he makes the perfect song that they can duet to in her upcoming album.
Alex at once tries to work at the song but struggles to find the lyrics given that he himself lacks what it takes of making the perfect lines to a hit song due to lack of passion in his own day to day life. In the process of racking his brains out in finding the perfect words to a song, Sophie; his plant lady comes waltzing in Alex’s house humming the perfect words that strikes Alex’s ears. He tries to convince Sophie to work with him at once and when she helped him out in making the perfect song, she also helps him out in a much more important thing he needed help in; his very own passions in life.

In the process of making the song, Alex and Sophie gets really close as the stories of their lives unravel and frustrations are poured out. With Alex’s downfall in the music industry and Sophie’s mishap with dating a guy who ends up using her character in a book which traumatizes Sophie as all her frustrations in that relationship felt like was opened to the general viewing of the public eye. In the course of all this Sophie teaches Alex what it means to truly write a story of our lives through a song.
She not only helped him in coming up with the words, she also thought him how to make it the proper way, through living your own life well and writing to sing about it. Eventually they come up with the song and Cora likes it but wants to put a modern twist to the melody so she can dance to it. Sophie doesn’t think that this is a good idea since it cuts out the essence of the song, this is where things get ugly when Alex refuses to tell Cora their opinions to the modern twist fearing that she will reject the duet contract.
Sophie gets disappointed in Alex given that they have already reached an intimate relationship in the course of time that the spent together. This is when Cora requests for a another verse in the song and Sophie comes up with the perfect words to describe the scenario the two lovers were caught in; “There are moments when I don’t know if it’s real or if anybody feels the way I feel. I need inspiration, not just another negotiation.” This is where Alex realizes his mistake and makes it up to Sophie by making his own song of apology to her which he sings in Cora’s concert and convincing Cora to keep the song that he and Sophie made just at it is.
All in all, I think this was a feel good movie where in the reality of the politics of show business and the music industry is also reflected. It also reflected the typical day to day drama that women deal with in love and lost specially with Sophie’s role as she felt like she’s been used and betrayed by two men; her ex and at one point even Alex Fletcher. It depicts traditional roles that women still play in society these days.
The erotic pleasure in film, its meaning and in particular, the control place of the image of woman will be interwoven. Mulvey, Laura ” Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema ” 1975
Although there are different depictions that may be derived from the love story of Sophie and Alex or why Alex and Sophie fell for each other, the drama of their relationship and fear for entering a new intimate relationship reflects what most of use deal with in day to day life.
The perceiver may find deeper or “explicit” meaning. The perceiver decides what the core of the film is from her own perspective. While one might see the crux of Saving Private Ryan as war is hell’, another might see it as saving one saves us all. “Chapter 1A: Making Films Mean” October 7, 2007 <>
As a viewer, I loved the story line because it once again reminded me that no matter how complicated love and life can be, people are capable of making things work. That’s the beauty of romantic comedy films, no matter how redundant the plot can get, you keep on watching it for the very same reason; it’s “feel good factor”. I also found the lyrics of  Way back into Love and its lyrics very captivating so I really felt like the movie’s title gave justice to the show.
I do think that the movie was quite typical especially with the variety of different plots that are emerging in the movie industry now-a-days. It was far too predictable for a contemporary movie, but given the genre of the show, I felt like I was supposed to be typical in order to captivate its target audience. It’s the type of movie that will be fun to watch with your family friends and loved ones wherein your quality time will be maximized not only by the feel good factor of the plot but also the comedic effect of the story line.
The narration and the film technique was also pretty typical given that the plot of the movie didn’t really call for anything special work with the cinematography and the likes. I found the music video’s of POP also refreshing as it took me back to a trip to memory lane with the style and music of the band..
The setting was also perfect for the plot as Alex’s apartment and the surrounding locations did fit in perfectly in making the infamous song that they had to make for Cora. I also found the set of characters for the movie and the storyline brilliantly pieced in specially matching the lyrics of the song way back into love.
It was like I was being taken into a journey with Sophie and Alex as I felt like I was being part of that song that they were making. No wonder the song became a hit once the movie hit the cinemas. The storyline captured the heart and soul of the drama of life and love and pieced it in to the song that everybody is still humming to months after its release.
The characters were also perfect specially with Cora who did depict your typical popular pop star in dire need to dance to any of their songs. As simple as the movie was, it was a wonderful journey to the backstage of life and music and how it fits perfectly well together. I think it would give people a deeper appreciation for music.
I also think that the movie also calls for a political challenge to artists and songwriters to write more about real things in life. This is because lately I have noticed the invasion of dance songs that has just connotations of sex, rage, unhealthy self image and vices to the point that it is no longer helping ourselves and the people around us in our modern day society.
Music and Lyrics I think has a lot to show and tell us if we really read into the deeper meaning of what the movie had to offer. It was also refreshing that a love story has been put in the middle to buffer the point of embracing the heart and soul of the artistry of poetry and music. I really appreciated it given that I am a music lover myself. The soundtrack is a refreshing mix 80’s songs and modern dance in line with the story’s plot.
It is a must see for people ready to unwind and enjoy catering to both young and old since the music is really bound to transcend generations as it has been shown in the film.
Music and Lyrics has successfully fused the best ingredients in life; Love, Drama, Life, Music and Words! Just try singing to its soundtrack with your eyes closed while recalling scenes from the film and you will know what I mean when I say the movie could reach your soul if you let it. Just like how music has for many people and generations.

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