Music Videos

Most songs have a videos produced as a sort of advertisement back up for the song to sell. Videos narrate the song, while actions take place in the background. An example of a video having a narration would be the Oasis song ‘Stand by me’. The movie shows part of what is happening, then repeats the scene, however so you can see what is actually happening in the second clip. The first scene shows a baby getting snatched, a shop being robbed, also a motorist trying to run over a person. This is the gut feeling of what you think is happening. In actual fact what happens is; a motorist loses control of his bike, a man grabs the baby out of the way, the motorist drives past a person, then through a shop window. People help move the objects from the window, helping the injured motorist, where this is thought to be the shop getting robbed.
We would expect to find music videos on TV, where certain channels show music videos, being named music channels. An example of a popular music channel being The hits.
It is very important for record companies to produce videos for their songs as many people are influenced by songs which have good videos, with decent tunes. Many people mostly watch, or listen to music on their TV’s, whether they are getting ready, or just chilling watching the movies. If a record company did not have a video, or their song was not advertised on TV, then you could expect it not to sell well on the net, or by singles in shops. The reason behind this is when songs are advertised on TV, or played on TV; a person would remember it better than a quick listen to it on the radio.

I took certain parts of research for designing my music video, one thing surprising me is that not most people like pop music than I thought, tending to have a mixed variety. Depending on the type of genre the song is, would decide which TV channels your music video is to be played or advertised.
My planning source for my music turned out to be quite difficult, however I done the difficult parts first, to make it not as sophisticated to do there on. One of the most difficult things was to watch all of Alan Shearers 206 goals, deciding the featured top five, and crediting on another magnificent six. First of all I thought of doing the song Local Hero, produced by Dire Straits. This decision is because I am a Newcastle United fan, knowing it would be good to produce something about the club I support. So the idea developed from there, as Alan Shearer being as what all ‘Toon’ fans class as the ‘Local Hero’ I thought I could do nothing other.
The name of the song is a sort of narration for Alan Shearer’s incredible 10 year career at Newcastle. Shearer being the man to demolish Sir Jackie’s 200 goal record plus gaining the heart of all the Geordie faithful is a fanatical achievement to establish as a player.
I think the planning for my music video was very successful, having completed almost all the work without errors. I think my movie would work as a music video, as it has a purpose, which is to remind Newcastle United fans of the exceptional talent Shearer has. Also the song is a great song, matching a great player. If I had to produce another music video I would produce a video, with a pop genre.

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