music comparison

Assignment 1: A musical comparison. Compare two different musical recordings. The first recording may be any piece of music you like to listen to, rock, country, pop, classical, jazz etc. Then compare your selection with one of the tracks from your CDs that came with your textbook or from music styles similar to what we have studied in Chapters 1, 2, and 3. The comparison must be done within the parameters of the class. So, you must be able to discuss musical elements as well as other aspects of the musical 3-part model found in the first powerpoint and the study guide. It is probably a good idea to read the first couple of chapters in the book first to get an idea of how to describe music. The main body of the assignment (not the title or heading) must be at least 500 words and completed with word processor software. You will then send your assignment as an attached file in the assignment tool. I have attached an example of the kind of essay I expect. THIS MUST BE WRITTEN WELL!  You will lose points if you use poor grammar, misspelled words, or the paper is not at least 500 words. Use software like Word or Word Perfect. Make sure you proof read. 500 words is about 2 full pages double spaced.
Contact me if you are having problems. I’m here to help. Again, 500 words is not a long paper and choose a comparison that interests you. I want to hear your ideas and thoughts. 

NOTE: DO NOT compare one of the World Music selections with ALL Country Music or ALL Rock music etc. This is a mistake that many people make when attempting this assignment. Pick ONE piece of music that you like, your favorite country song or favorite rock song etc. Then compare it to ONE track from the CD set. 

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