In my house I have two types of multivitamins on hand. I have Marvel’s, The Amazing Spider-man complete multiple Vitamin and Mineral Supplement with DHA. I also have Equate Woman’s One Daily with calcium, Iron, and Zinc multivitamin and Mineral Supplement. My son, although an adult, prefers the taste of a chewable, which is why I have Spider-man vitamins on hand for a 20 year old.
The benefit of taking either of these vitamins every day is that no matter what you eat each day, since a daily diet usually varies, your body is guaranteed to receive at least the minimum amount of essential vitamins and minerals a body needs to perform at its best. Almost every person has a day where they didn’t eat breakfast, or maybe they skipped lunch, the vitamin, helps to replace what they missed in getting from the nutrients given to a body through food. For instance, I do not drink a lot of milk. Therefore, unless I am eating a larger amount of other dairy products to compensate, I need a vitamin that contains calcium to support my bone growth, structure, and to prevent osteoporosis since I am in my 40’s.
While not having enough vitamins and minerals in your body can cause many health related problems, over taking them can also cause health problems. They fact is that most vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the body, and eating a healthy diet with only one supplement can keep a person healthy and balanced. However, most people do not eat a healthy diet, therefore the supplements can help keep them on track. One must keep in mind as well though that some people over use supplements thinking they are increasing their health when the reality is they may be causing the very problems they are trying to prevent. The textbook relates to a study showing that too much pyridoxine caused people to lose the ability to walk (Chapter 8: The Vitamins, n.d.), whereas not enough was thought to cause anxiety and depression. The text also explains how sailors did not get scurvy when they took vitamin C. Too much vitamin C causes stomach ailments.

Based on the guidelines, in my home, vitamins are needed. We do not eat a proper healthy diet that would contain all the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals our bodies need to support good health. Taking a vitamin everyday, which we do, makes me feel a little bit better about the state of our health and daily diet.

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