Multi-Rater Assessment

Help instructions:
Ø 1,800–1,900 words count. Reference page not included in the words count.
Ø Use the attached journal articles in the paper. If you plan to add references, please include current journal articles and no textbooks.
Ø APA Format (in-text citation, use level headings subheadings guidelines.
Ø Graduate level paper. Synthesize articles (connect at least 2-3 in paragraphs).
Ø No plagiarism
Ø Ensure consistency of language (i.e. pros/cons, advantages/disadvantages).
Ø Development of a clear and concise thesis statement and include it as the first line of the paper.
Ø Discuss the advantages of the 360-degree feedback system.
Ø Discuss the impact of 360-degree feedback on leadership style from a theoretical perspective of leadership.
Ø Discuss an empirical examination that challenges the 360-degree feedback system.
Ø Discuss the reliability and validity of 360-degree feedback.
Ø Ensure the conclusion – re-introduce thesis statement, provide a brief summary of the main points, add citations to support the conclusion.

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