Movie critique assignment

Each student is to write a 2-4 page paper (double-spaced) on a subject related to material from the film  Kingdom of Heaven.  These are not to be synopses of the films.  The purpose of this assignment is to force you to think about a singlehistorical issue raised by the film.  For example, what does the film seems to say about different levels of status in Crusade society in the Holy Land? and how does it show it? What was the role of the army in the  Crusade Kingdom of Jerusalem ?  Or compare and contrast how Salah Al Din treated his vanquished foes? Or how did the two enemies treat each other’s?  What role do women play in the film ?  These are not exhaustive ideas-It is just examples   , Please come up with your ideas.  The point of the assignment is to get you to think how a society from the past was unique (or similar) to what you know about life and share your thoughts. You can use titles and sub-titles from the text book as a guide.
We are searching for an academic approach, ideally a historical approach, is required. What did you learn from the movie that you did not already know? What parts of the film struck you as historically accurate and what parts fictional to enhance the story plot? How does your own history and perspective affect how you perceive the film.
A good example of historical accuracy:  In the movie  Gladiator:  No emperor ever stepped foot in the Coliseum to compete as a gladiator; it is the most egregious error in the film.  So please, do not say that it was common for emperors to participate in gladiatorial games.

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