Motivational Speech of “Smart Study & Score”

A very good morning to our principle, teacher, parent and fellow student. I am Wlliam, from University Malaysia Sabah and today I would like to deliver my speech titled “Smart Study & Score”. Good study habits are more important than score ranking especially as a student and this is one of my deep experiences. Parent are generally attached great importance to the child’s learning and want their children to test scores may be a high-ranking.
Because we know that child ranking has remained at the front of the class, he will wish to studies and even the university entrance examination, which is understandable. But in fact his study habits than his scores more reliable, more important than the ranking. Of course, if we study smart then we will score high ranking at school or work place also. Nowadays, the worlds also become challenge so we need study smart to get the high scare. Student must understand about what they are study which also can use in working place at future.
High ranking is help student to get the more high position in the company or more easy to accept by the company. Different people have the different ways to study, but how to study smart and get the high scare? First, we need have the suitable environment to study such as library, classroom or single study. The place to study must be comfortable and quiet which we can concentrate. We cannot learn when not mood swings. Scientific studies have shown that, at the learning of mathematics and other subject we may difficult to concentrate.

So before learning, we need to be calm state of mind and focus. Besides that, we need to learn arrange the time before study. Time management is very important to the student. First, you have to know the things to do within a week, and the n to develop a timetable. Spend not fill in the table on time, such as eating, sleeping, and class entertainment. Arrange the time and selected appropriate fixed time to learning. After that, you need to follow the timetable. In the addition, you need learn before the class.
This is mean that before you conscientiously put into learning the first to learn quickly browse again, to understand the general content and structure of the new knowledge in order to understand. Of course, you may have to pay attention to the severity level of detail, in less important place you can spend less time in place, and you can slow down the process of learning a little. In the conclusion, learning is something interesting thing in the world. Student must pay attention on their homework and study which easy when survives in future. We need study smart to get the high ranking. That all from me and thanks you.

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