Motivation for Students with Reading Difficulties

NAVOTAS NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL M. Naval St. , Sipac, Navotas City OBJECTIVE: DEFINE AND PROVIDE EXAMPLES OF GENRES OF LITERATURE AND FICTION Do Now: Write 3 – 4 sentences about the best book they have ever read. Tell me why it is so great. What did you like most about the book? Introduction: (Teacher Says) We are about to begin a Unit on Genre. Today we will define Genre, talk about different types of genre of literature. Ask the students why they think this would be useful. Have a student look up and read the definitions of the terms “genre” and “literature” from the dictionary. Paraphrase in appropriate language.
Explain that as you discuss the different genres, students will list characteristics on their papers as well as write down titles they might like to read. Genre-A kind of literary or artistic work Literature-Creative writing of recognized artistic value Direct Instruction: Teacher will show a PowerPoint Presentation on genres of literature. Guided Practice Using the packet of texts teacher and student will read 2 of the 8 sample texts and discuss the genre of literature that 8t falls under. Then students will write 2 -3 sentences explaining why they think it’s a certain Genre. Independent Practice
Teacher will break up the class into 4 -6  groups. Each group will be given a sample text to figure out which type of genre it is. Then they will great an advertisment for that text entising other students to read it. The main focus of the advertisment is to highlight the genre. Closing: What types of genre would you like to read that you haven’t. Explain your answer. literary text types A variety of spoken, written and visual texts that promote use of imagination, thought or emotional response in the reader or listener. Example Related words * text * text types * narrative * poetry * literary * literary description * literary recount

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