Moscow and Grand National Capital

1. How did Paris become the model for the Grand National capital city? Paris becomes a model for the Grand National capital city because of its impressive public buildings, but mostly because of the work of Haussmann. Before the transformation, Paris was extremely congested, dirty and unpleasant. It was not unified and it had a lack of an effective transportation system. After Haussmann’s work, Paris becomes a model not only within France but also internationally because of its ideal environment and power. 2. How did Haussmann transform the city in just 2 decades?
What was his contribution to the economic development of Paris? Haussmann carved out boulevards through the dense city, and opened up the city. He sold land and helped finance construction of new apartment buildings. Sewer systems and clean water was brought into the city, and space was made for both circulation traffic and armies for control. He even created public restrooms for the city, along with parks and the green areas of the city. Because of Haussmann’s urbanization, Paris grew economically because it became a place that reflected the power of the state and a place of exporting. . Why were the advantages of the Boulevard system? What were the disadvantages? The Boulevard system created a sense of orientation for the city as well as dividing it evenly. It made transportation easier and organized the city in a way. Some disadvantages might be that some people don’t like a repetitive look of the boulevards and that it could create traffic. 4. What was the social democratic vision for Paris after World War II? What were its advantages and what were its disadvantages?
The social democratic vision for Paris after World War II included things such as national healthcare, free education systems, family allowances, pensions and unemployment insurance. The development of the subways and better transportation systems were some advantages of the changes after WWII. Paris also builds new modern buildings, such as the subsidized housing buildings. However even though the housing was built for the white French people, immigrants later started to move in which caused social problems and separations 5.

What are some of the problems that have emerged in recent years in Paris as a result of neo-liberalization and market orientation? What are some of the benefits? Some of the problems that have emerged recently in Paris are that there is still separation between the social classes in the suburbs and then in the city. Paris has been moving towards the more global standard of international development as opposed to a highly regulated system. Consumer choice has become more popular and this allows businesses in Paris to have more freedom in the market.

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