More College Classes Should Be Taught Online

Having taking online classes before in high school, I feel like there should be more classes available for the college level as well. Making more classes available for students in college will open more opportunities for students that may be working or that may even have children. I know that if there were more online classes available that I would take them because I work and it is hard to find class times that work into my schedule.
I noticed before in my online classes I did earned better grades because I learn better by reading things myself rather than listening to a teacher lecture me. If I have everything I need to know right in front of me I could go back to whatever I need rather than having a teacher repeat everything I didn’t get. I also find it convenient because you can’t get as far behind for things like inclimate weather. Doubt Also with taking an online class, I found many struggles and negatives to the program.
One thing that I didn’t like was when all the assignments were due at the same time at the end of the week. This made things very hard no only to get done but after working when I was time to do online class work, I had no enthusiasm to do it. So when It came to the end of the week when assignments were due and tests were to be taken I found myself cramming everything. Another disadvantage to online classes was the fact that I had no one on one time with the teacher if needed unless it was over email.

There was also no group work which made it hard to see others perspectives and feedback on papers and assignments. That’s where I found myself struggling; having only mainly my parents to revise my assignments. The last thing I found frustrating was if blackboard, or any other online classroom website, was down there was not much one could do to get their assignment turned in. Those are my beliefs and doubts about college online classes.