Money laundering and the financing of terrorism impose many challenges

Money laundering and the financing of terrorism impose many challenges

Money laundering and the financing of terrorism impose many challenges to the government of the region. The new UAE federal decree-law (October 30. 2018) on Anti-Money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism and illegal organizations set the parameters to control it.


  1. Introduction 
    • What is that that you are studying?
    • Why is it important to study it?
    • What specific question are you asking?
    • What contribution are you looking to make?
    • What is your writing plan for this research paper?
  2. Literature review 
    • Tell us what other researchers are saying about the topic and question you have chosen to study.
    • It is important that in this section you highlight some of the gaps and problems of existing research? This is how you justify your research by showing the gaps and problems than providing your argument for how your research addresses these issues.

What are the effects of money laundering or terrorism financing?


  1. Methodology 
    • How will you carry out the study?
    • What methods will you use?
      1. How will this method allow you to answer your research question?
    • What data will you use?
  2. Findings (case studies)
    • Here you produce your findings.
    • Your findings can come from case studies, interviews, questionnaires. It depends on how you choose to answer your research question.
  3. Discussion
    • What do your findings mean for the existing literature?
    • How does it change or confirm existing research?
    • What new lines of research follow from your findings?
  4. Conclusion and Recommendations
    • After you have discussed your findings, you conclude your paper by highlighting the most important takeaways. That is, what should the reader remember from your research and why?
    • It is always a good idea to include in your conclusion policy recommendations, that is, how do your findings and conclusions give policymakers (governments) policy choices to select from.
  5. Bibliography
    • Make sure that you don’t forget to include a bibliography of the literature you cited in your paper.


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