Module 8: Final Essay

you’re looking to develop a cohesive and coherent persuasive argument that addresses the topic you chose through your Brainstorming, Thesis Developing, Outlining, and Drafting. Be sure to use examples and details to flesh out your ideas, thus to be sure that your readers understand the point you are trying to make. Your thesis should be a 3-point statement at the end of your Introductory paragraph, and each of those points should be a new aspect of the overall topic you are arguing — should serve as the topic sentence of the first paragraph associated with that particular point.
Identify 1-3 outside sources to support your argument, and list them on your Work(s) Cited page. (At least one should be a scholarly article or other text.) The overall paper should be 3-5-pages long. Be sure to proofread for grammatical and errors and to include a heading at the top left corner of your paper. Review the MLA Guidelines to ensure that you are properly citing sources within your paper and formatting the overall document.

I have started it, so all you have to do is add on to it and edit it. 

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