Module 8

Throughout this course, we have studied the nurse’s ethical role to protect and advocate for the patient. Does the health care organization have the same obligation to advocate and protect the nurse, especially when human error has devastating effects on the patient?
Journal Reflection #1
Does the health care organization have an ethical obligation to care for the patient, the employee, or both? Please defend your answer by citing at least one reference to the ANA code of ethics. (350 words, 10 pts)
Journal Reflection #2
If you made a medication error that did not harm the patient, is it unethical to not report it? (150 words, 10 pts)
Journal Reflection #3
Health care practitioners are exposed to an incredible amount of emotional turmoil as noted in the article, what means of support would you utilize for yourself to help deal with this emotional turmoil? (350 words, 10 pts)
Final Reflection (100 points)
Please write a three-to-five-page paper addressing the following questions:
• How does your worldview influence your understanding of ethics?
• Why is ethics important for health care? (Reference at least two ethical theories discussed in this course and their relevance to health care.)
• What does it mean to be a patient advocate, and why is that important?
• In your own words, what is compassionate nursing?
• How can you avoid burnout as a medical practitioner related to emotional turmoil?

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