Module 6: Discussion 1


In your initial post:

1. Select one of the following case studies to use in your posting:
•1993 midwest flooding(1).doc 
•Hsu, Spencer S. “First The Flood, Now The Fight – Critics Say FEMA Is Impeding Gulf Coast Rebuilding As Disputes Hold Up Nearly $1 Billion in Relief Funds.” Washington Post, 30 Aug. 2006
•Mississippi Renewal Forum placed an emphasis on rebuilding cities and towns and to provide affordable and comfortable alternative housing for Mississippians devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

2. After reading the case study you selected, address the following in your initial post:
1.Characterize the level of horizontal and vertical integration observed, including their effect on specific outcomes. 

2.Strengths and weaknesses in inter-organizational coordination should be described. 
3.What could be done to strengthen inter-organizational coordination, both vertically and horizontally, based on the information obtained from lectures and assigned readings.
4.Summarize how vertical and horizontal integration may impact other topics discussed up to this point in the course that were not addressed in the case study provided.

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