Module 07 Written Assignment – Sleep Patterns

Choose either insomnia or sleep apnea. In one page:

Describe the sleep patterns of your older adult with this problem and why they occur. 
Discuss eight nursing actions designed to help the geriatric client reduce stress and enhance healthy sleep habits. 

Within those eight actions, include two common medications used for sleep promotion, why you should these two medications, and what health care information you would provide to your client.

Use in-text citations and include your reference/s in APA format at the end of the paper

Module 07 Written Assignment – Sleep Patterns
Scoring Rubric:  

Chose insomnia or sleep apnea as a    topic with descriptions of this sleep disorder and cause/s.

Listed eight guidelines to encourage    to help client promote healthy sleep patterns.

Included two medications in the eight    measures; why these meds were chosen, and medication teaching that you might    need to reinforce.

Used proper APA in-text citations and    reference formatting in one page paper.

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