Models of organization paper+presentation

Part 1: International Analysis of Organization Design(Paper)
This assignment involves selecting one country outside the U.S.(Japan) that is of particular interest and relevance to you. The assignment is to write an 8-10 page paper that summarizes the culture of the country(Japan) and how the culture influences the elements of organization design (organization structure, job design, scanning practices, human resource systems, etc.) and management practices. One option for this assignment is to select a multi-national company that has operations in a particular country as the focus of your analysis. 

The paper should follow APA formatting and citation rules. These include double-spaced, letter-size paper, 12-pt font and 1 inch margins. 

Part 2 (PPT Presentation)
For your selected individual assignment, you will deliver a 12-minute presentation to the class that comprises an executive summary of your paper. The presentation should be organized to generate class discussion. The presentation format will be conference-style whereby students will present their projects in concurrent break-out sessions. To facilitate your audience’s engagement in your presentation, as well as for the benefit of those attending other sessions.

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