Mobile Application Testing


Discuss the methodology of the test/metric/technique chosen and how it works.
Discuss the strengths and weakness of the test, metric, or technique.
Discuss how the test, metric, or technique would work in a High-Level Programming Language and/or in machine code. Please provide two real world scenarios to explain this.
Provide two examples using programming language or machine code that will show how your test, metric or technique would work in your real-world scenarios (one example for each scenario). Your examples should be complete.
You can use open source tools to give complete examples on how your test, metric, or technique would work.
You can use the NIST source tools and as your starting point.
Provide a detailed explanation about each of your coding examples, and discuss the strengths and weaknesses in your code, and what can be improved.
Discuss what you have learned from this assignment and how you will apply it moving forward.
Your paper should be Times New Roman Font, 12-point, double spaced.
Please cite your references in APA format. Your reference page does not count toward your 10-15-page paper requirement

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