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You are expected to respond critically with two-three full pages (no more than three and no less than two), double-spaced, 11 point font, 1” margins, no heading. I only want your name at the top and nothing else. 

                                                Family Interview Project 
You are required to talk with your mother (or female guardian), grandmothers, or other important women in your life who went to high school or college before 1972. You should ask them about their involvement in physical activities and sports, what factors in their lives encouraged, limited, or prevented their participation, and how they (or women in general) were treated in sports. Then, you will talk with your father (or male guardian), grandfathers, or other important men in your life, about the same questions and experiences as the women. Were their experiences different or similar? Explain why they were either different or similar. 
Lastly, talk with women your age and ask them similar questions about their participation in physical activities and sports. How are their experiences different from and how are they similar to the experiences of the older women? What social changes have occurred over the past two generations that have made early sport experiences for young women today different from women who went to school before the early 1970s? 

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