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Milestone two IT510

Milestone two IT510.   

Using the Business Case Proposal BELOW create a project plan. The project plan is a Word document that is a combination of a written explanation of the project plan and the explanation of the control plan. The work breakdown structure (WBS) and timeline are represented with screenshots of the Gantt chart, resource chart, and cost table. Ensure each chart and graph is properly noted and has text explanation. 

Waste Heat Recovery Project 
The engineering team is seeking $100 000 for the purpose of reconfiguring the steam system so as to able to recuperate waste heat as well as rehash it in the pasteurizer. The estimated benefit of the project is approximately $50 000 annually, this is will be achieved through reduction of the energy costs as well as improvement in the reliability process. Improvements will be made to the lagging steam pipes and this will enhance the improvement of the comfort of the operator as well as Safety. Basically, the financial profit is approximately as a manageable payback of two years and the project will make a outstanding contribution which will help to achieve the site’s energy intensity target.
The team which is concerned with the operations have confirmed that the implementation of the project can take effect during the annual site shutdown in December (Finch, 2010).
Below is description of the operations which the team have confirmed for the project can be implemented during site shutdown on annual bases;

Proposal development
This development of the proposal was done by the by the Team which is concerned with energy management, which is based at the Company site known as Fair Dinkum Milk. The energy management team took the initiative of developing a business case proposal with the entanglement of the paraphernalia supplier Flavourtech as well as the providers of the energy services as well as the Electronic services. The Energy Management Team must seek advice from the team which is concerned with management and also reported progress on several occasions team on two occasions (Films Media Group, & Video Education Australasia, 2015).

Problem Statement
The project team should get the best methods which will be used for the purpose of heat recovery, this will entail all the methods which will be used for the purpose of transferring and capturing the waste heat from a process with a liquid or a gas back to the system as an extra energy source. The energy source can be utilized for the purpose of creation of an additional heat or in generational of mechanical as well as electrical power.
In this project the problem which needs to be solved is the technologies which can be used for the purpose of recovering of the waste heat. This is a problem because there is need to recover waste heat because it can be used for in many processes, the heat generated by the process is very essential and hence there is need to make use of this energy.

There as several major impacts of the enterprise, first this proposal will help the enterprise because it will help in generation of more resource. Another impact on the project will be in terms of energy, the project will help in generation of approximately $37000 per annum, this will greatly help the enterprise in generation of income of income for the company. Another impact to the enterprise of improved process of reliability, generally it will lead to generation of approximately, this is based on the assumptions that in the last six months there were several boiler shutdowns as a result of peak loads on the boiler. The requirement for is usually reduced by the fact that there is expectation for high-pressure steam and this as likely to result to reduction of the boiler breakdowns.
Another impact will be on the aspect of safety, the value of this will be approximately $7500 per annum, this is based on the assumptions and accuracy, there have been several incidents in the last seven months in which operators have received burns as result of the fact that the placement of the pipes as well as limited lagging in the area of the processing.
The last impact is in operator comfort and reputation, this based on the assumption that the potential safety risk four times in the last one year. 

Cost benefit analysis
We will require approximately $40,000 to for the purpose of purchase of all the resources required and also the installation cost. We will also require approximately $55000 to cater for control lagging and piping. 

Target audience
The system proposal mainly targets organization which are work with waste heat recovery, this organization will of great benefit to our project because they will help us establish a good reputation out there our company.

Project risks
We have conducted a risk assessment according to the following procedures, here is a description of the major risks and the mitigation processes. The first risk which is likely to be experienced is safety during installation period, here the mitigation process will be following some standard operating procedures. The second risk which is impact on production, and the mitigation strategy which can be used conducting the work during annual plant shutdown.

Milestone two IT510

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