Migration Immigrant Adaptation & Development

Migration Immigrant Adaptation & Development. This course is an overview of migration processes with an emphasis on the types of conditions that drive people to move, especially internationally, including the role of development, globalization, and immigration laws, policies, and practices. In addition to a broad comparative-historical look at many important “postcolonial” migrations around the world, we will pay particular attention to historical and contemporary U.S. immigration, studying the genesis and evolution of migration from different nations as well as of undocumented migration.  Finally, we  will  assess  how  immigration/migration theoretically  and  actually  affects  sending  and  destination  areas,  and  how  migration  affects  the wellbeing and adaptation of immigrants and their descendants in destinations.

Migration Immigrant Adaptation & Development

At the end of this course you will:

1) Have a grasp of basic international migration facts and trends at different spatial scales and periods, especially with regards to U.S. immigration.

2) Understand migration theories that explain the initiation and continuation of large (international) migratory flows, including the role of economic development, globalization, and immigration policy.

3) Understand the importance (and limits) of the process of “migration “in shaping life (with an emphasis on the notion of “development”) in sending and destination areas.

4) Recognize the ways in which immigrants and –to a lesser extent–their descendants adapt to the “host” society and are changed by the migration experience.

This course has acritical thinking seminar format.  As such, it has been designed to foster in-class participation, group discussion, and individual critical thinking expressed in concise, logical writing. It thus requires that you keep up on the assigned reading and work. We have spread this work relatively evenly throughout the semester so do your best to keep up to avoid making the end of the semester rather burdensome. You are expected to read all the required material and having done so critically and to actively participate in class: we strive to create an environment of both intellectual freedom and respect so you can voice your views.

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