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All these outcomes are from “Suture” as Kaka Silverman mentioned in her chapter “Suture is the name even to the procedures by means of which cinematic text confer subjectivity upon their viewers”(Silverman) . There are three important tools that Kaka Silverman writing said we will need enable Suture to function are shot relationships, narrative progression and sexual difference, picked to focus on the sexual difference from those three tools . 1 am going to use two examples to explain more and how I see the suture works.
They are the episode four from The Dick Van Dyke Show Bank book 6565696 and The Honeymooner season one episode one-TV or not TV the references show in this essay. These two shows are from the sass and the asses. We can easily find out social differences between the two time period, even thou they are only about 10 years apart from each other. First, the story line for The honeymooner is talks about the daily family life of a pair of couple Ralph and Lisa. In this episode , Lisa want to buy a set of television.
Ralph finally get one, but its sharing with his friend also neighbor,De. Even thou Ralph is the one who do not want to get it at first, he starts being the one who always watching the television set. Then De and Ralph start fighting against each other for the time using the television after he they bought the set of the television back. Then, the story that the episode of The Dick Van Dyke show is about Rob the husband accidentally found his wife Laura keep a private bankbook that have 378 dollars.

In the 1 sass , 378 is a huge amount of money-That is the reason why Rob talks to his co-worker and discuss about the situation he is going through, and Rob thought Laura going to use those money to get a new projector as his birthday present . Turns out ,Laura only got Rob a sport shirt-Rob become really frustrated and want to know why Laura keep such a big secret from him. Rob asked and found out Laura wants to give him a egger surprise, she is saving to get Rob his dream car. Base on these two shows , I defined that Silverman argument works.
Inside the shows , the female characters act as a object that displace negative values on to all the events happened to them. We can see that both Lisa and Laura , the female characters in side the shows are the person or the main reason cause the entire story happen or linked all the events together. Laura keep her own private money for getting Rob his dream car and Lisa wanted to get a new television set at home, but they are not the one that can made the decision. But can see a huge difference in two of the female character’s personality.
Lisa is the traditional wife that listen to his husband and Laura still depends on his husband but she can make her own decisions.. Women’s position in the family have been a lot as the society also change when the time goes by. For example in the Honeymooner, Lisa was fixing the sink and do everything in the house and Rob is the one that can go bowling ,have fun with friends. In the other hand , Laura in The Dick Van Dyke Show is able to go out of the house and do shopping and Rob was the one who fixing the toaster and projector .
We can easily notice that there is a change in a female character’s role. According to Silverman in her chapter on “Suture”, the female character signifies the absence of the power ,privilege and they are not in control of their life. The women characters usually provide the mean for representing the deprivation, they also represents castration and attracts the sense of the viewer. (Silverman) We can easily find Out what Silverman mentioned in her chapter. The two female characters are housewife that have no income on their own , they need their husband to pay with most of the stuff they want to buy.
For example, Laura need Rob to give her money to buy grocery, and Lisa can not buy herself a television set without Rally’s permission. This can also prove what we have said as the time move on , the role and power of the female character have been change. Not only like we mentioned , here we can see that the phallus that Laura have is a lot more than Lisa , we can notice that from how Rob and Ralph treat their wife. Ralph in the show is still the boss of the house ,he is in charge of all the money, but Rob is letting her wife to decide how she use the money.
Suture operate often more in masculine, it create an exchange of lenses hat the male viewers and the male audiences. In the videos that we talk about here, audiences will easily sharing the same feeling and point of views with the male characters. As we see that we are going through the stories as the male characters are the narrator of the stories. Especially in the episode of The Honeymooner. Lisa was the one who wants to buy a television set at home in the very beginning but after they got the television ,we barely sees her using the television.
Ralph and De were the people that fighting to use the sets through out the entire episode. It shows us a point that Silverman minted out , the female is used as an object that attract viewers senses inside the show. Silverman define suture is a process of sinking in and being pull into the screen. Through our eyes to negotiate to the world, be relax and absent absent to yourself. She mentioned about three important tools to enable suture to function. In the shows if there is anyone of the tool is missing , the suture will not function well because they are all neck to neck rely on each other .
Suture is not only about sharing what the character sees , is also sharing the character’s feeling, emotions and what they hear by transferring he television screen into your space. If the shot and reverse shot is missing , viewers will never see things from the character’s eyes . They can only get the view from the third person, then the viewer can never be stand in a particular point of view that the character define what they see. The same result will come out if the narrative is missing. Let represent a big portion of the indispensable part of the system of suture” Silverman said. A production without narrative progression is like a person who walk around normally but without their brain function. Narration connected the entire tortellini as they have the energy to make the character more real, because it can made the viewer understand what the character wants and help them go through all the scenes. We can understand why people always get lost and confused in some shows that the narration is not fixed on one character.
The audiences that both of the shows are geared toward are the house wife in the middle class family. As we know that in the 1 sass to the 1 9605, televisions started to become one Of a new breaking technology that spread among the people. Numbers of middle class family that have a television set increased in those years. Shows like The Honeymooner and The Dick Van Dyke Show are targeted to those middle class housewife that have nothing to do like the Lisa and Laura, the characters in those shows.
The shows want them to be relax and absent of being themselves from their busy housework. In my opinion , I think both of the shows successfully utilize Suture. There are some shots in The Honeymooner make me recall what I normally did when I was watching television. For example, how Ralph and De fight for picking a television show to watch. Also, how we set all the food and drinks in a reachable distances, so that they do not have to walk around during itching the program.

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