Mid-life Prime-of-Life Your Life

Mid-life, Prime-of-Life, Your Life

We know that different cultures, and different time frames, posit human development differently. For example, the concept of childhood did not fully emerge until the eighteenth century, but in our current culture a quasi-stage of ‘extended adolescence’ has evolved to recognize that many people do not take on adult responsibilities until some time in their thirties.

The concept of ‘middle-aged crisis‘ so common in America would be quite foreign in a culture that does not even have a concept of ‘middle age’ (Shweder, 1998)

In America, given the latitude about when a person would be ‘established’ or ‘accomplished’, at what age do you believe people achieve ‘middle age’? Is it 30, 35, 40, 45 or beyond? Which people? What accomplishments? Do these trends apply equally to persons of different socio-economic status?
What historical trends could you document that might be responsible for pushing the age of adulthood in American society later into the life cycle? Are they likely to continue or to change?
Do you believe that you have achieved ‘mid-life’? Is mid-life the ‘prime of life’? What is your relationship to your own ‘prime of life’?

Use only these two sources (has to be used BOTH of them)

Lally, M. & Valentine-French, S. (2017). Lifespan Development: A psychological perspective. College of the Lake County.

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