Michael Jordan and Success as well as Reputation

Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is an icon within the sports and media world and much of this is linked to his success in basketball. Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players and is also a business man who owns the Charlotte Hornetts. Having played for 15 seasons in the NBA, Jordan has made a significant impact not only in the game but also in the entrepreneurial world. Jordan’s success is attributable to his innovativeness, creativity, and moving beyond homogeneity.

Michael Jordan and Success as well as Reputation

            Born in 1963, Jordan is a former basketball player who has carved a niche in the sports world, media, and in entrepreneurial initiatives. Although born in New York, Jordan went to Laney High School in North Carolina where he showed athleticism in the fields of baseball, football, and basketball. Jordan had a passion for basketball but his height at 5’1’’ rendered him too short for the game. Despite this, Jordan worked hard to join the main roster and begun with the junior varsity team. Individuality in Jordan’s hard work is viewed by Malcom (2002) as a way of moving from group think in pursuing excellence. His creativity and passion for the game saw him engage in pregame rituals such as hanging from a pole in a bid to make himself taller since he wanted to be great (McGovern, 2005). Much of his time during his high school and varsity years was spent working hard to improve his skills. Jordan’s hard work would later pay off after joining the main roster and further being part of NBA for 15 seasons.

            Michael Jordan. Having played in the NBA for 15 seasons, Jordan played a crucial role in the popularization of the NBA around the world during his years in the game and this was because people were attracted to his skill as well as his rise from an overlooked player to one of the greats. Jordan’s success and innovativeness goes beyond the game and is evident in his heterogeneity that saw him pursue entrepreneurial deals in the clothing industry, media, as well as in sports. According to Barber (2002) creativity in art is a form of genius and this may lead to the view of Jordan as an entrepreneurial genius. The Jordan shoe brand is one of the platforms through which his legend has been passed down. Through his creative design input, Jordan’s sneaker business earns more than 60 million dollars in royalties and is a top seller even among current NBA players.

            Over time, Jordan has been represented as an all-time great both in the game as well as in the entrepreneurial world. Creativity as viewed by Boden (2009) involves the use of novel ideas that are products of exploration, transformation or combination. Such is evident throughout Jordan’s life especially beyond the game where his clothing lines, sneaker brands, and roles in popular culture depict an exploration of ideas. Homogeneity provides mastery over a domain, but creative inspiration comes from differentiation and brings in new ideas (Chambliss, 1989). Such shows the conceptualization of Jordan as a creative who moved beyond basketball to embrace shoe and clothing business as well as roles in movies. With reputation being constructed by innovators as well as their fans/followers, Jordan’s fans have been instrumental in maintaining his reputation by being supporters of his brand while also using him as a reference point for greatness in the game. From this view, Jordan is an innovator and creative individual who used hard work as well as the exploration of new ideas to propel himself to greatness.     

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