The Progressive Case Study

 The training is done. The organization has been officially trained as to how performance improvement will be implemented. All groups within the entire organization are keyed into the Vision, Purpose, Mission, and Goals of 

The Green Organization. All groups, all teams, and all employees are working in a singular focus to executing the chosen strategy that will carry their group and the organization forward as a competitive leader in their chosen industry.

Training and consulting is more than holding several one day seminars and executing the commands sent down from on high. The executive leadership understands the value of the initial training.

 The initial training is meaningless without feedback and follow up. As you have seriously invested over the last 6 months implementing this training and building relationships. You are keenly aware of the idiosyncrasies of individuals, offices, groups, and cultures within the workplace settings. The results are just starting to come in. They are quite favorable. 

As an overview the different groups report an 8.25% increase in revenue and sales, while reporting an average 9% decrease in overhead.The executive leadership is looking to take performance over the top. 

They have turned to you to give this movement inertia to move better, faster, stronger, while staying focused on the goal and implementing the vision, strategy, and plans set forth over the past 6 months. 

You must now design, develop, and present a follow up plan to strengthen and continue the performance improvement across the organization.Consider this:

Choose one group and two different offices (use your imagination). The two offices will have different needs and approaches.

Design, develop, and present the second phase performance improvement plan using performance tools.

Explain how these two offices will require different monitoring, management and implementation tools.

Explain how assessment and evaluation of performance improvement will occur and be addressed in these two offices.

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