Sumerians trained boys in art. The students were mostly sons from upper-class families ” sons Of priests, temple and palace Officials, military Officers, sea captains and scribes. Girls and those Who cant afford the fees were not enrolled. They used clay tablets to write and practice their cuneiform writing. clay tablets became their bocks. Those who learned the art were assigned to work as scribes In the temples, courts, or as merchants. Sumerians worshipped the elements of nature like the wind and water.

They believed that they were created by their gods to be servants. They should worship, pray and offer sacrifice to their gods and goddesses. Temples and shrines tor offertory where built for religious activities. They offered food. wine, milk, and meat. They have festivities like special feasts during new moon. 7th. 5th and last day of the month. The most important day for them is the New Year. Prayers and rituals were written in clay tablets. Displeasing the gods and goddesses can cause floods, famines and sandstorms. They believe that the dead go to the underworld.

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