Mental health among prisoners

Mental health among prisoners

Mental health among prisoners

Mental health among prisoners

Mental health among prisoners


Mental health among prisoners. Assessment of mental health condition in Criminal Justice. Describe FOUR different contexts within the criminal justice system where an assessment of mental health issues is relevant.

Describe what effective treatment for psychopaths should look like  and what treatment for psychopaths should definitely not look like . Include any elements discussed during Dr. Brown’s recorded lectures and/or in the textbook

Based on what you learned in this class, answer the following questions

(1) Is there an association between the mental disorder an offender suffers from and the type of crime the offender commits?

⑵ Under what circumstances might you be particularly worried about a person with mental health issues being violent?

⑶ What sorts of variables are most useful for predicting whether a mentally disordered offender will recidivate? : and

  • Do treatment options for mentally disordered offenders appear to differ significantly across specific disorders?



mental health among prisoners


Question 4

Present evidence from this course that mental health among prisoners is a serious issue that prison staff need to be very concerned about Make sure to link your answers to FOUR different data trends presented in Dr. Bennell’s recorded lectures and/or your textbook (e.g.. prevalence rates).




Describe some of the main factors you would focus on if designing a gang prevention program (i.e., a program designed to keep kids out of street gangs). Make sure you focus on FOUR of the risk factors for gang involvement that you were exposed to in Dr Bennell’s recorded lectures.

mental health among prisoners


Describe the meta-analytic research that was discussed in your violent offender module, which relates to the delivery and effectiveness of treatment programs designed to reduce violent re offending. Make sure to provide details on the general treatment targets associated with these programs , the design of the meta analysis we discussed (e.g.. the types of variables coded for in the analysis), whether the results from the meta-analytic generally support the effectiveness of the violent offender treatment programs AND the specific features of treatment programs that seem to be the most useful for reducing violent re_offending


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