Medical Genogram

Monika McGoldrick developed the genogram using medicine, psychiatry, psychology ,and social work genetic research. The design builds a picture of clients’ emotional life connections in a graphical form. These forms are useful for clients with complex family relationships. Glenn, M. L. (1987).
In the genogram drawing; a square is drawn to represent a male, the circle represents a female and the lines connecting show the kind of relationship they have. A straight line is a symbol of a normal plain relationship. There are many symbols in a genogram that can express emotional relationships legend who can fit together to provide an overall picture of a client’s emotional life. Gathering information in counselling practice helps to explore themes that can be used to assess client issues. DeMaria, R., Weeks, G. R., & Hof, L. (2013).
Mcgoldrick and Gerson argue that a genogram is more than a family tree, it contains not only names, date of birth and gender but also helps to map relationships, functioning patterns and acts. They clarify that genogram depict aspects that had impacts on the client’s life events. (McGoldrick, Gerson, Shellenberger, 1999)

Genograms help clients to become mindful of the patterns within their families as the change is difficult in a family system. the genogram explains the transgenerational relationships of a family structure and dynamism It is a powerful therapeutical technique in psychology because as it helps the counsellor to gather information and understand the client’s past history, it gives the clients the opportunity to look at their life from a distance and externalize their thoughts and feeling by retelling their stories. (Hardy & Laszloffy, 1995)
As Rogers and his colleagues suggested that when clients understand the background of their families, they can perceive any biological and psychological disorder. Drawing the genogram of my family helped me to see some of my family’s issues from a different perspective. I found that I have a high risque of cancer and that the obesity is rooted in my dad’s family. BECK, R. (1987).
Beck discussed many advantages of the genogram one of them is that constructing a genogram can consolidate relationships within a family and to guide individuals to better understanding of their problems. BECK, R. (1987).
Although the genogram is a useful tool to detect and prevent illness, to comprehend present relationships and to understand the client’s background. The construction of a genogram could trigger memories and emotions that may disturb the client. McGoldrick and Gerson (1985) claim as well that the genogram procedure may have some effects on the client and may be the client is not ready to deal with these unnecessary implications. Papadopoulos, L., & Bor, R. (1997).

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