Media-Object Discussion Post

Media-Object Discussion Post. Please “curate” a media object of your own choice that relates to one of the day’s assigned readings, by providing a link to or embedding a clip of that object, and then providing a 250-word explanation of how it relates to one of the day’s assigned readings. For our purposes, “media object” can be broadly construed as some example of pop culture (e.g., a text, video clip, song, webpage, social-media exchange, etc.) that isn’t already discussed specifically in the reading, but which helps us illustrate, unpack, or elaborate upon the ideas/concepts contained in the reading. NOTE: You must make a post before you can see other classmates’ posts.

Your 250-word discussion post will be evaluated based on how thoughtfully it explains your chosen media object’s relevance to the day’s reading. If you quote/cite from an assigned reading, please include the relevant page number in parentheses to make it clear where the quote originated. Points may be deducted for underdeveloped, unoriginal, or off-topic posts that don’t demonstrate engagement with one of the day’s assigned readings; posts that fall significantly short of 250 words; posts without a link to or embedded clip of the media object under discussion; and/or posts that do not use correct spelling and grammar.

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