Media and crime DB-response #2

500 words APA and references

I would use my power to identify some of the overly abused criteria  the media may introduce. We now have where news is considered “fake  news” which is not the case here but at times could overly represent  coverage. Teaching your children how things are because ultimately those  as parents have that responsibility. We have the power to shape the  reality. This generation is shown through the media that “all” police  officers are racist that just is not true. Some police do abuse their  power but that shouldn’t throw shade on the officers who actually do  their job well.
Media does play a role in socially constructing crime and justice  reality. I believe it is to be true for all races and ethnic groups. A  constant example would be the War on Drugs, when the media would report  it would always show people of color as the source of the crime. I also  see that when blacks being killed by police is also making it more of a  fear of being a victim by the media. Not saying that blacks should not  be aware of those incidents but all people should be aware of that  incident. This maybe shown as happening to black men and women more but  it could also happen to anyone. I don’t think ads like “taking a bit out  of crime” should be ignored because it does open the perception of  crime. There is a crime stoppers billboard that shows a police officer  arresting a Hispanic man, now should this be offense because it shows a  white officer arresting a Hispanic? No because this is a possible thing  to happen. The same affect should take place if it was an African  American. Just because a negative label has been placed on someone  doesn’t mean that its true.
Surveillance is shown by media to be either good or bad. When it  comes to personal attacks then the surveillance is praised. When media  shows how surveillance conflicts with a person’s privacy then it gets  negative responses. I don’t think that privacy issues have been affected  to the degree that would cause policy change. I believe we have a  choice of what we allow people to watch. If we are doing right then it  shouldn’t really matter that we are watched. Now if it comes out that we  are being watched for other reason than safety or monitoring potential  criminal activity then yes, we must stand up for our rights. We leave in  a generation now with digital cameras, camera phones etc. Privacy is  not an issue with what many people capture these days. We as the people  have the right to live our lives in a respectable manor which doesn’t  really capture the attention of media. According to Ellen Simon of NBC  News says, “The embedded process was supposed to give government a  better handle on what journalists were doing, but now you have this  whole rogue operation of civilians with digital cameras who have access  to things the media don’t.” (Simon, 2004). We have more control than  what we think.
I don’t believe I can change the perception of crime and justice in  the media. The media must many outlets. I believe it goes deeper than  just the media. Meaning the media can only show you end results. It’s  not always able to show what lead up to the event. Civilians who try to  change this perception gets ignored because it may hurt ratings. The  news is very informative when it needs to be. There are many news  stations that do not support certain views I might have or views that  many others have. Until there is more unity then then change in the  media will never be successful.

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