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Measuring Your Fitness Level

Measuring Your Fitness Level. As we learned about in our lecture, there are three types of exercise:

Aerobic exercises, e.g. running, cycling, walking, and skiing, are performed for longer intervals and require oxygen. Aerobic exercise primarily uses slow-twitch, or Type II, muscle fibers, which are more likely to contain myoglobin and higher levels of mitochondria. Performing aerobic exercise builds endurance and cardiovascular capacity.
Anaerobic exercises, e.g. lifting weights, sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, sprints, are performed for short, high-intensity spurts (5 seconds to 2 minutes). Anaerobic exercise primarily uses fast-glycolytic, or Type I muscle fibers. Performing anaerobic exercises will increase strength and power.
Stretching exercises, such as stretching and yoga, are important for increasing flexibility and range of motion and for decreasing the likelihood of injuries.

For this week’s assignment, you will be performing various exercises, recording your results in the Measuring Your Fitness Manual (attached), and responding to the questions below.
*Important Note: Before you get started, if you are physically unable to perform these activities, you can have someone else do the exercises for you, but you must answer the questions. It is also highly recommended that you seek guidance from your doctor before you begin any activity, especially if you are over 40 and have been sedentary, or if you have significant health concerns. Please email the instructor if you have concerns. 
Reflection Questions:
Make sure you address all of the following questions thoroughly. Use your text and/or other relevant references to inform your responses. Include citations for the sources you use.

Define fitness (using your text or another relevant reference).
Define flexibility (using your text or another relevant reference).
Did your results support your hypotheses?
What category did you fall into for each activity?
Were you surprised at your fitness levels?
Why or why not?
What changes did you notice in your body over the course of your one-mile walk/run? Why did this happen?
Were you in your “aerobic zone” for your one-mile walk/run? Be specific.
What changes did you notice in your body as you did a minute of curl-ups? Why did this happen?
What energy system were you using for the minute of curl-ups?
What specific things can you do to improve your flexibility and range of motion?

Make sure you respond to all the questions THOROUGHLY. Include references for all sources, in APA style.

Measuring Your Fitness Level

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