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Measuring Quality Health Care

Measuring Quality Health Care.
{draw:g} {draw:g} {draw:g} Why is a patient the most important thing when it comes to healthcare? Without a patient, there would be no healthcare. What do patients look for when it comes to getting care they need? I feel that cost is one thing, but the most important thing a patient wants is quality care. A positive patient outcome is one of the measures of quality health care. Additionally, health care workers have many roles when determining quality care. The main factor to a positive patient outcome is providing the patient with the best care that can be given. This includes what ever it takes medically to keep this person healthy.
Many people are denied certain medical procedures due to the insurance company not providing the payment. Therefore, the billing clerk should try and see if there is a charity that is available or set up a payment plan. This is another approach that I feel is necessary in providing a positive patient outcome and quality care, watch for medical errors. Why? According to Stevens, there are over 50,000 people that die every year in a hospital or healthcare institution due to a medical error. Training employees and having an administrator over parts of the facility would help improve on errors.
Training is the key to the problem. If an employee gets adequate training, then there is less of a chance for a mistake. Roles that health care workers have when determining quality care vary. The main role is assessing the patient, diagnose, monitor, observe treatments, and respond to changes. Other roles that are played if the patient is at home are making sure the patient is in a safe environment, communication with all parties involved, making sure the patient is eating and drinking well, keeping an eye out for changes, and make sure the patient is using proper hygiene.

Measuring quality care is important for the patient as well as the facility. Without the patient, there is no facility. Keeping a patient happy, comfortable and healthy is important. There are many different roles provided by health care workers that are involved in a patient’s care, depending on the care the patient needs. The main thing is a positive patient outcome. What makes something positive? A positive health care worker makes a big influence on a positive outcome. References: Stevens, A. (2008) http://blog. sunbeltstaffing. com/medical-ethics/what-role-do-healthcare-worker

Measuring Quality Health Care

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