Required Resources
McKinney, K. (2018, September 24). Scholarly persuasion: How to make an academic argument [Blog post]. Retrieved from 
Walden University Writing Center. (2018). Revising strategies. Retrieved from 
Infographic: Revision and Editing: Seeing the Forest and the Trees (PDF)

Discussion: MEAL PIn the Discussions over the past 5 weeks, you’ve built an argument. Step-by-step, you’ve identified evidence to support a main idea statement and you’ve shown how that evidence proves the point. Now, it’s time to fine tune. Where can your language be more precise? Where can it be clearer? Where do you need to provide or double-check a citation that you’re not quite sure abAdditionally, to remember this process and the skills you’ve built, think about what resources and strategies have helped you along the way. Spend a little time perusing your Feedback Journal and any links you’ve saved for yourself. What’s been most helpful? Share what you’ve learned (and where you learned it!) with other writers so they can add resources to their “writing toolkit.”
To prepare for this Discussion:

Explore the links you’ve saved in your Feedback Journal, bookmarking the ones you found most helpful for yourself.
Create a list for yourself and your classmates of the most helpful resources and strategies you found this term.

Post your final revised paragraph responding to the research article, ensuring that your paragraph is a complete academic argument with all MEAL plan elements. Additionally, share at least one specific resource or strategy that has helped you revise and explain how it helped.

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