Me, Myself, and the Eye of the Technological World

Me Myself and the Eye of the Technological World

Essay Three must use at least three articles, which include the assigned article by Nick Paumgarten, “We Are a Camera,” and two additional articles from your own research.  You may also elect to use a fourth article from one of those that we have previously used in our previous essays.  These include Malcolm Gladwell, “Small Change,” Maria Konnikova, “The Limits of Friendship,” Sherry Turkle, “The Empathy Diaries,” Peter Singer, “Visible Man: Ethics in a World without Secrets” or Chuck Klosterman, “Electric Funeral.”

The third essay will allow you to consider how technology impacts one’s identity and how this can distort or reenforce self-image and the perception of how one is viewed by others.  Paumgarten explores this idea, as he discusses the popularity of GoPro cameras and considers the consequences of this technology.  He questions whether users may begin to value the footage of an experience more than the experience itself and how what is perceived as a benign hobby, may have far greater repercussions.    Technology has caused the world to expand, while simultaneously making it seem smaller and more interconnected than ever before, which may allow users to give greater consideration on their impact and/or how they simply fit into such a large world that becomes accessible by signing in an App and clicking a mouse or touching a screen.

Questions to consider:

  • Has the ability to observe others or allow others to observe intimate details of one’s personal life through social media, YouTube, Virtual meeting, and many other technology platforms created more positive opportunities or negative repercussions within our culture? With everchanging and growing technological advancements, how can the cost vs. benefit of such a large conglomeration be measured?
  • Is having the ability to see others instantaneously, at their best and worst, creating an insatiability that is being perpetually fed by billions of Internet users every day? Has this/will this create a level of voyeurism and/or vicarious living that can lead to irreputable damage to our national and/or global society?
  • Does modern technology have a different influence over the user than the mass media of news, television, radio, and motion pictures had on viewership, long before the World Wide Web became a globalized phenomenon? Does the fact that over 4.66 billion people globally now have access to all of these through their mobile phones or other devices every hour, minute, and second of each day impact this influence, and how?
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