Mba/ (Finance and Marketing)Fresher

Career Objective To work in an organization, where I can effectively blend my skills as a Management. Professional coupled with my Mechanical Engineering Graduation, which will help me explore myself fully and realize my potential, with a zeal to work as a key player in a challenging & creative environment.

Academic qualification
Year of

MBA, SRM University
89%(up to 1st yr)

B. Tech, SRM University
79. 6%
Mechanical Engineering

HSC, Sri Sankara Vidyalaya

Sri Sankara Vidyalaya
Mini-Project (MBA)


Ball and roller burnishing tool is used in CNC machining center to super finish the milling process.
The tool and workpiece material are tungsten carbide and tool steel (T215CR12) respectively.
The input parameters are feed, force, step-over, ball diameter, roller width, no of passes, and speed. The output parameters are surface roughness and micro Vickers hardness.
The characteristic of the burnishing process is analyzed using ANOVA analysis.
The output parameters are modeled and optimized using response surface methodology.
Surface plots and Contour plots are plotted for the output parameters.
SEM photographs are taken for the milled and burnished surfaces. Training Summary (B. Tech).

Areas covered :

Steel Fabrications, Dispatch Department Software’s known.
Implementation in SAP ERP (Materials Management) module.
Operation knowledge of MS Excell, MS Access, MS Word, MS Powerpoint.
Basics in SPSS software.

Operating Systems: Windows 7/XP. 

Highly Determined, self-motivated & committed towards work.
Willingness to learn.
 Eager to take up challenging opportunities in life. Extra-curricular activities.
Organizer for COMMUNE 2011, a national level event.
Secured 1st place in DUMB-C at SAMS.
Secured 1st place X-FACTOR in Millan 2010, a national level event.

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