Marriage and Parenting in Adulthood

Marriage and Parenting in Adulthood. Factors that influence intimate relationships, marriage, and parenting are discussed throughout your textbook. These factors include, but are not limited to, financial stability, age, gender roles/stereotypes, and education obtained. In Paper Assignment #4, respond to the following questions:
• What are some issues that young adults should be aware of and discuss prior to engaging in a cohabitating relationship? What are some social, emotional, and financial consequences of cohabitating together before marriage?
• Why do people get married? Discuss research on martial satisfaction and the factors that contribute to satisfaction. Based on peer-reviewed research, what is the best age for individuals to get married? Explain your answer.
• What are some factors that contribute to divorce? In what ways will divorce affect future relationships?
• Discuss the impact of having children on a marriage. What factors influence decisions about childcare (<link is hidden> choosing to have a parent stay at home or both work outside the home)? From a sociocultural perspective, compare and contrast how becoming a parent affects men and women.

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