Marketing Health Care Services

A 5 page paper, APA format with 4-5 references. 

Using the 5 I’s of marketing, analyze the health care service provided by the organization ( Aravind Eye Care System). 
* the five I’s of marketing: 
1. Inconsistency: Is there consistency in the quality of care?
2. Inseparability: When providing the service, do providers demonstrate biases toward or against patients and their families (i.e., racial biases, age biases, etc.)?
3. Intangibility: What are the intangible characteristics of providers (i.e., demeanor, posture, etc)? How do providers behave toward patients?
4. Interaction with consumers: Is the organization patient-centered or physician centered?
5. Inventory: How much time is spent on providing the service and how much time is spent on non-service-related activities?
* Recommend strategies to market this service to health care consumers. Include how these strategies might improve operations.

:Berkowitz, E.N. (2010). The five I’s of services. In Essentials of health care marketing (3rd ed.). pp. 258-259), Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett

Tavenner, M., & Sebelius, K. (2012). Medicare program; revisions to the durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) supplier safeguards. Federal Registar, 77(50), 14989-14994

Valayudham, S.K., Sundaram, R., & Thulasiraj, R.D. (2011). Aravind eye care system: Providing total eye care to the rural population. Retrieved from<>/p>

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