Marketing Analysis of Watsons

Watsons in Singapore ps health & beauty chains, perfumeries & cosmetics, grocery, pharmacy, wine and duty-free. Watson’s target customers are located in the spending power (two thousand and five more in monthly income) to accept new things but also the middle class (age 18-40 years). Watson in the research found that Asian women will use more time to go shopping, and they are willing to invest a lot of time to find cheaper or better products. Watson’s view that female consumer of this age is the most challenging spirit.
They like to use the best products and seek new experiences, fashion, willing to show themselves in front of friends. They are more willing to use the money to bring big changes for their willingness to carry out various new attempts. The reason that they are more concerned about consumers under the age of 40 is longer because of their age most women already have their own brand and lifestyle of the fixed. In this comfortable shopping environment, Watsons provide customers with a variety of products. According to the different benefits the consumers seek from the products.
Watson has a strong team of health advisers, including full-time pharmacists and “health and vitality Ambassador”: professional teams are subject to professional training, provided free of charge for customers to maintain a healthy living advice and recommendations. Watson is not only concerned the sale of goods, more thoughtful and meticulous attention to customer care, and full of his “personal care” service shop features. It positions its products to offer at affordable prices which are comparable with that of the other major shop. In an affluent society, men and women of all ages are interested in a comfortable shopping environment.

They hope in a good social image of shop to buy their want. Watsons, the largest health and beauty retailer in the world can satisfy the consumers’ need. 4 Ps of Marketing Product/Services – The products offered the personal health care products, beauty, skin care products and the pharmacy. UK Savers chain, the Netherlands Kruidvat Group, Latvia DROGAS retail chains, the British Merchant Retail perfume chain, Malaysia Apex Pharmacy Sinbad pharmacies and a series of mergers and acquisitions, so Watson in its own branding and product development, channels accumulate there have been large enough leeway.
In 2005, Watson spent 5. 5 billion Hong Kong dollars acquisition of France’s largest, has a long history of perfume retailer Marionnaud, followed in turn is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia’s health and beauty chain Spektr Group in the bag. In Watsons, customers have a lot of choices, because they can use less money to buy the most suitable products. In order to facilitate customers to target women’s Watson will be the height of the shelf down to 1. 65 meters from 1. 0 meters, and the kingpin of the display of products on the shelf height is generally 3-1 m 1 m 5, while human enough shelf design. Watsons Your Personal Store each are clearly divided into different sales areas, different categories of goods, placed neatly for easy customer selection. In the display of goods, the Watsons focus on its inherent connection and logic, according to cosmetics – skin care products – beauty products – hair care products – fashion articles – pharmacy— accessories —- make-up tool for the classification of the order of placing women in daily.
Watson sold the products, pharmacies accounted for 15%, cosmetic and skin care products accounted for 35%, 30% of personal care products, and the remaining 20% is food, beauty products and clothing accessories, etc. Pricing Strategy – Watsons belong to the chain business model. This model not only reduces the difficulty and improves the operating quality and efficiency of operations. Chain of centralized purchasing and centralized distribution only save operating costs, but also can create its own brand of competitively priced.
Chains of individual scattered into one operating large-scale network management structure, the headquarters for the store through centralized purchasing, purchasing large quantities, can enjoy a higher price discounts and reduce the purchase cost. Brought through the acquisition of channel, product and technology development and other core elements, combined with a very international brand appeal, with its own brand of competitive and strictly control the production of quality outsourcing guise of promotion model, Watson to increasing ability of consumers to the viscosity, aggregation target consumers.
The one hand, quality assurance, on the one hand is the price demands, this strategy has considerable destruction. “I’m sure I’m cheap,” “overpaid, half refund” signs in this category end in Watsons’ stores everywhere. First a low propensity to attract the consumers come in, in sufficient source of the premise, by tying promotions to stimulate their purchase frequency and quantity, the Watson thus avoiding the common retail price of war.
Promotion – The classification of the different regions will introduce various new products and promotional merchandise, from time to time in the shop so that customers have a new found interest in order to stimulate customer. Watsons also can through flyers, newspapers, advertisement and word of mouth. Place and distribution – A class of the most prosperous shopping district is Watson’s first choice, such as a large number of big shopping malls or the streets of passenger traffic, airports, railway stations or the central office and other local white-collar workers also consider the object, similar to the other shop.
Product Life Cycle People enjoy shopping in Watsons, because of the health & beauty chain. The health & beauty products market segment of the business may still be in the growth phase of the product life cycle. In the future, Watsons can offer more bonds of cosmetics. They can also offer the consumer electronics or accessories. Can set up a column to those white-collar, in order to provide them with stationary. Major Competitors The major competitors in the health & beauty business in Singapore include CK, Guardian, SaSa, Pharmacy and other health & beauty business.