Marketing 400 final

In order to win the bid you must understand that my country chosen is Mexico and the business is bringing an MLB franchise to Mexico City. 

Your final Portfolio Project for this class will be to create a comprehensive marketing plan for a company and product of your choosing in a country of your choosing (selected in Week #1). This should be a new product in a hypothetical company, or for an existing company where you are proposing a new country market entry where they do not currently market in. You have created marketing plans before, but this plan will vary depending on the international strategies and the concepts you have learned in class. Apply international theory, concepts, and terminology throughout the plan.Use the marketing plan offered in Part 6, Section IV: “Preliminary Marketing Plan” in the course textbook, International Marketing, as a guide. Another resource you may use throughout the course is the Country Notebook, found in Part 6 of International Marketing or, alternatively, at the following link: you will not be responsible for constructing and submitting your own country notebook, research and take notes as if you were. The more research you can do on your country and your product, the better equipped you will be for this final project.Your final paper and plan must include the following components (consider using them as headers in the paper):

Company and Product
Describe company and product/services offered
Objectives and Goals
Overview of Country
Details about country
Situation Analysis
PEST Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Competitive and Industry Analysis
Market entry mode and why it was selected
Marketing Strategies (this area should be extensive)
Measurement and Control
Ethical Considerations
Implementation Steps and Recommendations

Your international marketing plan should be a professional Word document, 10-12 pages long (not including the title page and reference page). You must use 5-7 sources beyond the text to support your plan, and you must document them correctly using APA formatting per the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find credible sources to support your plan.  Associated Final Project Milestones::  Week 1: Country Selection (discussion board) (20 points)  Week 6: Rough Draft-International Marketing Plan (submit to instructor for feedback) (50 points)Remember that the required weekly discussion questions will also test your knowledge of your country, so continued study and research throughout the course will be required.

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